Excavation Complete

Excavation Complete

June 30, 2024

Progress update: Oil City Pickle Jar

We are fully excavated, folks! Thanks again for Coggin’s Excavatingfor all the hard work to get the space prepared for construction. We fortunately had excess sand from a previously dug pond on our property, so the process was very efficient and we were able to preserve some of our budget in the process. The next step is to pour the foundation. We will be putting an in-floor heating system, so this next phase will take a lot of coordination between our plumbing professional and the concrete installers. This will all be happening in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

Additionally, a fun addition to the project is that Bart finally learned how to fly his drone, so we will be able to have some arial shots of the progress. I’m pleased to announce that he has only had one major drone crash so far. I will be keeping a tally, don’t worry.

That birch tree came out of nowhere! Make that two drone crashes.

Please enjoy a few new photos and some amateur drone footage.

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