Building Our Dream

Building Our Dream

Big news from Always Be Picklin’

We are building a PICKLE BARN!!!

As you know, we are a small business, privately owned and operated LLC. We’ve been working hard and are finally proud to announce our new adventure of building an indoor pickleball court and offices right here in Oil City, Michigan.

The first stages of construction started this week. We will be starting with a single court, 40’x75’ facility, complete with offices, workout facility and viewing loft. We welcome you to accompany us on our journey, we’ll be sharing every step along the way, including pricing, progress and pitfalls to help anyone else interested in a similar project in the future. Please follow us on Instagram and X (which will always be Twitter to my old self) to see all our progress.

We live on 10 acres of wooden land in Oil City, MI, in the center of the great state of Michigan. We’re clearing out trees and brush to create an ideal piece of property to build our barn. I’m including a few photos below on the progress so far as well as a 3D rendering of the inside of the facility, which we have been lovingly referring to as the Oil City Pickle Jar. 

A big thank you to Coggins’ Excavating for all their superior work on clearing some pretty thick brush and leveling our building surface.

Please feel free to reach out us directly with questions and to request updates. Keep on picklin’ and we’ll see you soon at the Oil City Pickle Jar!!

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