Always Be Picklin'

About Us

Bart and I started playing pickleball in 2019. It really happened by accident. Wasting time at the gym, looking for any other type of exercise other than running, we decided to mess around and play this game called pickleball that Bart remembered playing in a friend's backyard growing up. We borrowed the gym's wooden paddles and Bart stood right at the net and slammed the ball repeatedly back at me (cheater). In true pickleball community fashion, some other pickleball players on an adjacent court, took pity on us and invited us to play. Eventually, we learned the rules and the advantage of a quality paddle and fell in love with the game with the funny name.

ABP was born from a desire to help other pickleball players in the same way those good Samaritans helped us that day at the gym. We started by acquiring a pool of paddles, so our friends at the courts could test them out before they bought one of their own. We'd gladly help beginners learn the rules and would never turn down a chance to discuss tactics. Helping pickleball lovers reach their performance goals through the right equipment and instruction is what ABP is all about. We're your friends on the pickleball court who will always stay for one more game. 

Thanks for visiting our site and keep on picklin,


What We Offer

Our Mission

Our mission is to help grow the sport of pickleball by providing increased access to quality, affordable equipment and supportive instruction.

Superior Equipment

Based in Michigan, Always Be Picklin is a small but dedicated team working hard to get new and experienced pickleball players everything they need for their game. Here at ABP we offer pickleball equipment and services for all ages and skill levels. We work directly with top brands in pickleball, Joola and Diadem. We help get you the right equipment for you through consultation and demo services. We want players to love their paddles as much ... Learn More

Knowledgeable Instruction

We offer customized pickleball lessons for beginners and intermediate players based on player preference and observed needs assessment.

All instruction is led by PPR Certified Pro Instructors. Our instructors love the game and create customized lesson plans that provide technical and tactical skill improvement in a fun and safe environment.